Engaging the Enemy

Hi! I’m back after my impromptu year off. I had another kid, which retroactively is my excuse. So. How was 2016? Did I miss mu-AAAAAAAAH MY GOD!


Hi! I’m back after my impromptu stroke. What the hell, 2016? Donald Trump winning the US election after the deaths of so many celebrated stars of music, fiction and film must be the apocalypse that follows the rapture. And 2015 seemed to end so well.

Against the wishes and expectations of literally everyone I know and every source I rely on for news and information, the UK are leaving the EU, the US have elected a president who hates women, Muslims, Mexicans and the planet Earth… And the far right are becoming bolder, from anti-semitic graffiti on war graves to the murder of an inclusionist British MP.

Who are these people? Not the racists and killers, I mean the silent millions of ordinary people who are winning these elections. Nobody in the establishment and the mainstream media actually knows them, and that’s the problem. They don’t feel represented and they’ve started showing out in force to make their voices heard. They’re angry about being silenced, angry at their diminished wealth and prospects after the financial crash in 2008, and they’re blaming everything around them. Populism is back, bringing with it the rise of the far right. The far left have a look in too – hello Corbyn, hello Sanders – but nobody can mobilise anger like a hot-headed bigot. And when people are mobilised, amazing things can happen. There’s something in that. 

The West is in the midst of a political hot mess, but for those of us who choose to focus our campaign energies on climate change, the problem we have to confront is that a climate denier is moving into the White House.

A Frog In A Pot is back. And this time, it’s not about preaching to the choir. It’s about taking the debate to the enemy, engaging the non-believers, and encouraging the forces for change to keep fighting against the stacking odds. No more ruminating in the safe zones, hiding in the liberal bubble. No more protecting our apathy by pretending that we can’t make a difference in the world beyond, that we can’t change minds or motivate the jaded into taking meaningful action. We’re going to the front lines and we’re gonna make the powerful see that where climate change is involved, we expect to be represented. And what better place to start than right here:

God save me.


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